Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vitamin Aftertaste

Herein lies a brief description of our adventures in the Couv:
1. Although Beth was at the airport an hour early, she was too trusting of the computer system. Before flight 8577 said 'arrived', I was by her side. It's ok though, I have grown so much spiritually in the past few months that I wasn't upset about not being greeted for the second time. Future visits are pending.
2. Our trip downtown on this visit was to immerse ourselves (Beth, Danice, Ryan and myself) in the splendours of Ballroom Hip-Hop with Antonio. Beth loves with wild abanderas. I have a rekindled love for dancing. We also visited a second hand cd store, a very hilarious (and yet to be fully revealed) clothing store and the greatest little candy store where I almost bought a 5 pound lollipop that could be used as a weapon. Strawberry flavored.
3. We ended the night by holding purple starfish, watching Sweet November and sleeping. Beth slept well..I know that because I was awakened by her snoring.
4. The shower here is lethal. For 10 long minutes I endured the pelting of little bullets of water. Good thing I've picked up a few things from my close bullet proof friend.
5. On a more spiritual level, I finally discovered why Vancouver makes me feel like I could disappear. At home, except for the trees, it's easy to feel like you're the tallest thing standing, the most reliable, independent thing, the protector. Here, surrounded by mountains, it's inescapable that you're not the centre of the universe, you are the one being protected by the mountains and One who made them, and that your significance does not inevitably follow you around everywhere- unless of course you've learned how to bring it with you.
6. There are beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere. It makes the world magical and surreal and happy. We spent time with the ducks and under canopy trees and feeling the wind from the ocean.
7. For the first time, while having coffee with Shauna, Beth and I tried Tibetan Tea, a carbonated beverage made of herbal tea and ginseng which transports you to the mountaintops of Tibet. Refreshing indeed. Beth aptly described it as 'good, like sparkling grapefruit with a vitamin aftertaste'.
8. Tonight, if all goes well, we are playing Dutch Blitz, venturing into the wonderful world of packing and running through the mud in bare feet while the tide is low in the marvelous ocean.

We miss you all.

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