Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A brief lesson

To my Vancouver friends...

Let me give you a little lesson on Saskatchewan.

Friday, April 28th. Maximum temperature: 24.7 degrees Celsius. My mother and grandmother are weeding in the backyard. All is summertime and sunshine.

Jump to Wednesday, May 2nd, the present day, a mere five days later. I wake up and look out the window. Here is what I see...

Maximum temperature: 2 degrees Celsius. With 31 km/h winds, it feels like -4 degrees Celsius. All is Christmastime and snowflakes.

C'mon, Saskatchewan. You think this will scare me away? Snow in May? You can do better than that.

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Scotty Fitz said...

Hey there Beth! It's good to read how the things are going with you!

I have a few questions for you...Can you email me at

That would be great!
Be Blessed!