Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The Vancouver honeymoon is over. Oh, I'm still perfectly content. Just wet. The Vancouverians are all saying it's the beginning of the eternal rains. I have thus far avoided buying the necessary gear (ie. raincoat and umbrella), because I thought I might jinx the sun in my anticipation. Also, I was led to believe that most often in Vancouver, the rain is what my roommate Danice calls "piddle" (Saskatchewan translation: "It's spitting."). She said that a lot of people don't even carry umbrellas. But not so today. Today it was not piddling. It was raining, full stop. (The "full stop" thing is my new British friend Simon's expression, so I'm trying to work it into everyday speech). The moral of the story is: it is time to break down and make these purchases.

What else can I tell you? I went on the retreat last weekend, in Warm Beach, Washington. It was not very warm, and I didn't see any beaches. But it was still very fun. There were at least 250 students, staff and faculty at a big retreat centre/camp. I stayed in a tent. I borrowed a good sleeping bag, but my nose was cold. Here are some pictures I took there - it was really beautiful. I got to know a lot more people, and I even got to make use of my new guitar. The only downside is that I'm behind in all of my reading. But I'm going to assume everyone else is, too.

I have a busy weekend. Today I started swing dance lessons with the Swing club at UBC (I hope this excites you, Daniel and Alexa!). I plan to be a Lindy Hop expert by Christmas. Tomorrow I'm taking a mandatory personal retreat for my spirituality class. I've decided to venture out to one of the gulf islands by ferry to really isolate myself. Don't worry, I'll bring my camera. Apparently there's a retreat centre on Bowen Island called Rivendell. I'll let you know if I run into any elves. And I'm also participating in a workshop at Jacob's Well this weekend, which is a ministry in the Downtown Eastside area of Vancouver - the poorest neighbourhood in North America. Then on Sunday night, I'll be heading to the university to see "Illusions and Reality" with Lou Leventhal. Awesome. Maybe I'll get some work done sometime too.

Well, I suppose I'll have a lot to tell you all about after this weekend. Have a good one!


P.S. Chris wanted me to tell you that I've ripped three other pairs of pants since that first pair. But not in the same way. Most of them have ripped on this thing sticking out of my couch. So I have a good excuse to go shopping now.


caricature said...

HEY! if you're going camping/ retreating on an island, go to keats! you go to the same ferry as the bowen island one, you just go on the langdale one and hop on the little ferry to keats!
have fun!
love Carie
PS: We miss you LOTS AND LOTS

katevp-a said...

oh beth, i do so much hope that you see an elf.
i hope that you can get a picture of him or her.
elves are ... i really couldn't think of a word good enough to describe them.
i love reading your blog.
one day i want to move to bc and live in a sailboat in a harbour. this is my dream.

Smaj said...

I pretty much love everyone that had something to contribute to this blog and its comments. For what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

I love the first three sentence...