Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Umbrellas and hoodies

Here's a cool picture I took when it finally stopped raining. We had a couple days of sun, and not we're back to clouds. But I'm starting to get used to it.

Today I present you with two dilemmas. Feel free to give me advice.

Dilemma 1: The umbrella.

At Regent, there is an "umbrella area" where people leave their umbrellas. At first, I was wary about leaving my umbrella there, because I paid a good $20 for mine, and I didn't want to lose it. But I was assured by Regent veterans that it was safe. After all, there were much more expensive umbrellas there, and a thief would surely go for one of those first. So I reluctantly left it. Well, at the end of the day, I went to grab my umbrella, and surprise surprise, it was missing. I looked through the whole pile twice. There was one umbrella that was the same colour as mine, but it was obviously much more expensive. So maybe someone accidentally took mine. I checked again today, and that one is still there, and mine is still not. Here is the dilemma - should I take it? Should I take the one that almost looks like mine?

Dilemma 2: Hoodie.

So I used an English term the other day that made people look at me really funny. The thing is, these people were not Asian, Australian, British, or even American. These people were Canadian. The term was 'bunnyhug'. Yes. Just in case you didn't know, Saskatchewan and possibly some parts of Manitoba are the only places that use this term. I personally have never thought about how strange this word is. I have never broken it up into its two root words, "bunny" and "hug". I have never imagined bunnies giving me hugs. But apparently, that's the image that springs into the minds of all non-Prairie people. So they said "cute" and "that's so sweet" and "awwww". Hello. I do not want to elicit those reactions. So this is the dilemma - should I convert to "hoodie" or stay with "bunnyhug"?

I'm sorry this blog entry is so devoid of the deep meaning a student of theology should infuse into everything. It's my busiest week. Must. Write. Paper. But I'm still finding time to go down to the Rock in the morning. The other day, it was just Martin and I. Martin the heron, that is. I watched him fish. He's so freaky - he stands so still and then he just springs into action, with a bill like an ice pick. Crazy. I'm glad I'm not a fish.

That's the deep thought I leave you with. Be glad you're not a fish.


Anonymous said...

Take the umbrella. Embrace the hoodie.

Evan said...

There are some parts of BC where 'bunnyhug' is common too. In the Okanagan, people understood what was meant by bunnyhug - in fact, I think it was the predominant term. Mind you, that was pre '95. I would use the term that you feel most comfortable using. I will likely use 'bunnyhug'for the rest of my life, but I am not afraid to say 'hoodie' if it enhances my ability to communicate. It's all about context I guess. If I had to point you in one direction or the other, I'd say 'bunnyhug.' And possibly get one from the Centre Shop at Christmas - they've got some that say 'bunnyhug: n; saskatchewan colloquialism for a hooded sweatshirt.' or something like that.

As for the umbrella.. I'd count it as lost and buy a new one.

Santosh said...

take the umbrella.

use hoodie - i grew up saying bunnyhug but quickly ditched it for hoodie when people started looking at me lik ei should be committed.

katevp-a said...

imagine this.

day three in ottawa in 2002. your new friend beth says that's a cool shirt. and you say thanks, i just took a bunnyhug and put a zipper in it. response:"umm, what did you just say?"
oh you take a bunnyhug....oh, bunnyhug, it means hooded sweater.

now remember. i grew up in ontario. i can remember thinking when i first got to SK that bunnyhug was a muff. i have no idea why i thought that. my friend joy (from ottawa) went to briercrest and she thought that it was a term for a gay person.

i am sad to say that bunnyhug just got phased out of my vocab. i realized it the other day and i think that it is too late to get it back.

also, if you look up bunnyhug in the dictionary (it is there), it says a hooded sweatshirt and then in brackets (Saskatchewan).

so it is a real word, at least a real accepted word.


Smaj said...

I agree with Tank: a new umbrella will keep you from a shady conscience. You know that you'd feel guilty, Beth.
I'm sorry about your loss, though, for what it's worth.
I'm curious if there is anything such as a bad twenty dollars...

I'd also commit to 'bunnyhug'. 'Hoodie' is too trendy... Bunnyhug has lasting power. =)

So long, and thanks for reminding me that I'm not a fish.

caricature said...

i say, give it another couple days, if the umbrella (brolly where i come from) is still there, she's all yours. Also, i got a few "you should be committed" looks for using "bunnyhug" this summer, which is funny, since it still feels like a weird word to use for me, but somehow its become a natural part of speach for me. I also broke it down into "bunny" and "hug" when i first got here... wrestled the concepts around exhaustively in my mind and finally gave in ;)
I have discovered the secret to adapting to a new culture/ society is simply adaption and adoption.

I am also glad i am not a fish. i always have remorse pangs when i look at Puck in his little bowl.

anways- here's to dry weather.


Anonymous said...

People, we are debating 'bunny hug' which at least has some connection with being surrounded by something warm and fuzzy.At least it has some semblance of sense. Have we so quickly forgotten 'pitch wet' which makes no sense whatsoever. Can we tolerate such a world of umbrella stealers and wordmakeruppers? Are we not guilty of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin while the english language is going to hell in handersnatch!

On the moral dilema. Wear your bunny hug and go to the umbrella stand. Stand perfectly still on one leg and pretend the purple umbrella is a fish.

Anonymous said...

Aww, way to rub it in.

Lisa said...

ok beth, if you get this today give me a call. it's important!

Anonymous said...

'Pitch wet' makes complete sense.