Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow pictures

Well, it looks like the manna will be sticking around for a while. At least a week! What a gift. AND we had a snow day today - no school at UBC, because the power was out! Danice said that never happened during her five years of undergrad at UBC. Too bad I didn't have any classes today in the first place! I seriously can't remember ever in my life having school cancelled because of snow in Saskatoon - any other Saskatonians remember having snow days? My roommates and I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather. We went on a two-hour walk last night and another two-hour walk this morning, during which I took 180 pictures. Wow. Mostly I'm writing to tell you to check some of them out on my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bethmalena . Here's a sample for you:

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Anonymous said...

We had snow days in the small town a few times, I think, when it was too much for the busses to get the miles and miles that they'd have to travel to make it to school. Power outtages, water shortages, all that stuff snow related, and we got to stay home.
I don't remember any snow days in Saskatoon, though. I'm sure I took many snow days anyway, just on my own terms. =)