Monday, May 12, 2008

Thomas Merton rocks

The rain has stopped. The afternoon sun slants through the pine trees: and how those useless needles smell in the clean air! A dandelion, long out of season, has pushed itself into bloom between the smashed leaves of last summer’s day lilies. The valley resounds with totally uninformative talk of creeks and wild water. Then the quails begin their sweet whistling in the wet bushes.

Their noise is absolutely useless, and so is the delight I take in it.
There is nothing I would rather hear, not because it is a better noise than other noises, but because it is the voice of the present moment, the present festival.

(Thomas Merton - "When the Trees Say Nothing")

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robgela said...

I miss you too!! You are the inspiring one. I am so proud of you for talking about mestruation and the steps you are taking to make the world a better place. Be empowered in who you are as you are empowering others!! I am very proud of you for taking all the steps you have been in your life. Robert and I are thinking we might end up in your general area after school is done...We might have to come for a visit before that!!