Monday, November 20, 2006

Interestingness top 10

Paper: done.
Health: much better, thank you.
Rubber boots: still lacking.
Photoshop guilt: assuaged.

Now I will tell you some interesting (and not-so-interesting) things I’ve experienced this past week, in no particular order…what a wonderfully vague word, “experien

1. A concert by a band called Over The Rhine. This husband-and-wife duo from Ohio write the most seductive songs I’ve ever heard sung by Christians. Karin, who does most of the singing, is one of the most talented vocal line-crafters I’ve heard, very jazzy and gospelly. But they’re allowed, because they’re married. Anyway, they’re unique and relaxing – check them out at

2. An impromptu lesson on the World Wars around the supper table at the Williams’ residence. This was sparked by the Anne of Green Gables sequel, where Anne is married and goes to find Gilbert at the war. As Hannah and Emilia and I watched it, Sarah would pipe in with, “Girls, don’t watch this part; it’s not historically accurate!” Man, I’d love to have a historian in the family.

3. Skating with my Regent breakfast-prayer friends! Ho
w can this be, you Saskatonians may ask, considering the lack of cold here? The answer is : Indoor arena! I showed off my skating prowess, especially my backwards skating. They were very impressed. Actually, they were almost as good as me. Almost.

4. Body Worlds 3. Approximately 200 real human specimens on display, preserved, eyes and all, using a strange “plastination” technique. Some are full bodies, with the skin removed so you can see all the muscles and ligaments, and some are opened even more so you can see organs. I thought it was amazing. Granted, I’m a biology geek. Check it out at

5. Having to boil my drinking water. You may or may not have heard that since Thursday, we’re not supposed to drink tap water in Vancouver because the rain caused a mudslide into the lake that serves as our reservoir. The water is kind of murky. I heard rumors of police being called to break up a fight at Costco over the last bottle of water. Yesterday I saw a boy on the street selling not lemonade, but water. Yes, the situation is dire here in the Couv.

6. A fruit fly infestation of massive proportions, in my house. We are taking steps to eradicate them. Step one was taking the compost out. Step two was getting a new compost container that had a closable lid. Step three was searching the internet for fruit fly trap-making ideas. Step four was building a saran-wrapped-jar-with-holes-in-it-and-a-banana-piece trap. Step five was watching them crawl back out the holes. We are now trying a new trap with a paper funnel, and we shall see if we ou
tsmart them at last. Geez, with the water ban and the fruit flies, this place is starting to seem like a real war zone.

7. Having my hair cut by an apprentice. Someone recommended this to me as a way of going to the expensive Aveda salon but paying only $15. What I didn’t realize was that the girl was getting judged on how well she did my hair. In order to please her very unforgiving instructor, she took two and a half hours. I was pulling for her. Needless to say, this is the most thorough haircut I have ever had – if you want to inspect it, let me know.

8. Two great movies– one old and one new. “In America” and “The Prestige”. Both highly recommended to me by my sister Rachel, who has excellent taste in movies.

9. Apple crisp with sunflower seeds in it. Eaten at… you guessed it… the Naam. Where I take all of my friends from home. The lucky prairie visitors to accompany me this time were
Scott Fitzsimmons (McGimmel), Jordan Kurtz and Lisa Nazarenko.

10. My first celebrity sighting in Vancouver. I went to Sophie’s Cosmic CafĂ© today (which is interesting in its own right) and this lovely man was leaving the restaurant:

I never was a huge Joshua Jackson fan (I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek), but Danice and Lindsey and I agreed that he was better looking in real life anyway. The best part was that I was seated in the EXACT SAME SEAT that he had been sitting in. As he got up to give me his seat, he winked at me and pointed and said, “Hey hot stuff, is that a new haircut?” I think I’m remembering that correctly…

Today is the 24th birthday of marvelous inimitable Danice…she was still carded at the liquor store. Tonight we shall drink and trim the Christmas post to the sweet sounds of Michael W. Smith singing Christmas songs.


Anonymous said...

See, you should have asked Joshua to a hockey game - that would probably impress your dad.

ajt said...

Love the faithful Monday musings, Beth. (note my new blogroll on the LH side of my blog...)

Can't wait to see the haircut and to show you my new MEC jacket. (got the green one)

Also, I'm dying to know if you "checked with Loren" before going to science exhibit! :)