Monday, December 04, 2006

the Christmas concert

I sang Emmanuel in your direction

I strung the arrow-notes to splinter your dark glass

I sang up an apple tree

to keep your dying faith alive

to shelter your weary bones

I sang a rose into bloom

to brighten your half-spent night

to dispel your darkness

to lighten your load

I sang a lamb

I sang an on-time God

I sang angels to tell you not to fear

I even sang a king right up onto his throne

because I knew you needed him

I sang them all for you.

I sent them all your way.

I sang them all for you, but you did not stand.


Lindsey Joy said...



Yes (quietly whispered).

Me too.

(that was a beautiful way of saying what you wanted to say)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my legs been cramped all week. Too much time infront of a desk. Next time I'll stand.


p.s. hope you don't mind a bit of a jokingly frivalous answer to your really interesting poem. See you at the final!