Sunday, September 18, 2005

Coincidence? I think not.

First off, I want to show you an example of this phenomenal phenomenon known as the "tide". It still surprises me every time I go down to the Rock. Sometimes I can't get to the Rock. Sometimes it takes me a minute to walk to the water from the Rock. It's all because of the moon. I love the moon. So here's a side by side view of my beach at high tide and low tide:

Okay. I also want to show you a picture of a black squirrel, since it seems to be the most commented-upon item in my last blog entry. It was frolicking (sp?) in a tree above me on the beach when I was trying to read Genesis. It's kind of freaky, so prepare yourselves.

Did I mention Danice is deathly afraid of them? She thinks they are devil creatures. They do need to learn to be a bit more photogenic.

So here is my amazing story of the evening. There are two million people living in greater Vancouver. (For perspective's sake, there are only one million in all of Saskatchewan). Tonight, about one hundred of those people were at an evening service strangely called "Rock Garden". One of them was me. I took the bus and the skytrain for over an hour to get there and join my roommate at this cool service. I'm singing for about ten minutes before I look to my right and notice to my surprise that another one of these one hundred people is Lisa Nazarenko.

Lisa is from Saskatoon, from Emmanuel; she's played cello there for many musical presentations. She moved to New Westminster (part of greater Vancouver) three days ago. What are the odds, really? It was so weird to see someone I knew. Lisa and I weren't very close in Saskatoon, but we sure hugged for a long time in the middle of that service. People all around us were staring. It was great. I think we were both craving a little familiarity. It gave an extra edge to the words of the song we sang at the end, "For You are good, for You are good, for You are good to me..."

He is good.


katevp-a said...

stupid advertising comments. i hate that.

beth, that is exactly what the squirrels in ottawa are like as well. it seems that the middle of canada has been saved from such ferociously unpredictable and huge! animals. i wonder if the east coast experiences the same?


Lisa said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

Squirrels in Toronto look better.

He is good......?