Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm the Saskatoon magnet.

Hello all,

I thought it was about time I include some pictures of why I'm really in Vancouver. Yes, classes are in full swing at Regent College, and I'm starting to establish some semblance of a routine. The routine is: go to class, spend all other time reading for class, unless of course something more appealing comes up. Ah. Luckily, this weekend is the Regent retreat in Washington. Apparently it's only a couple hours away. Students, staff and profs are all invited, so I"m pretty excited. I'm tenting. I'll let you know how it goes.

So here's some pictures of Regent. There's the front of the building, with the little courtyard. Then the chapel, where most of my classes take place. Finally, a picture of some of the girls I've met and started a prayer group with. Most are Americans. Left to right, it's Julia, Amanda, Melanie, Lisa, Tora, Danice (my roommate) and I. We're all first year students.

The steepest learning curve is definitely in Hebrew. It's pretty much a bunch of wavy lines and dots. And a lot of making coughing sounds in your throat. I did find out that my Hebrew prof, V. Philips Long, or Phil, translated part of my Bible. Crazy. He worked on 1 and 2 Samuel in the New Living Translation. For serious. Check your Bible.

I've decided I'm a Saskatoon magnet. I tend to attract people from Saskatoon. Since seeing Lisa, which is still the freakiest thing ever, I ran into Chris Polachic on campus, and today I met a girl I graduated with at Walter Murray - she was waiting at the same bus stop as me. She's doing her master's in theoretical physics here at UBC. Now, I admit, the chances of meeting these people was probably more like one in 40 000 (number of UBC students) than one in 2 million. But still. Come on.

Please keep praying that we'll get a working phone soon. I miss you all.


Smaj said...

I actually did find your post interesting. I do hope that Washington is worthwhile. Your friends all seem friendly enough, but are they as spectacular as you?

We all miss you, Beth.

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Anonymous said...


scott in the way said...

Dearest and most wonderful Beth Malena, I do hope you're doing splendidly. I have just finished reading your blog for the first time since you moved (I read the whole thing in 1 sitting) and I must admit that I thouroughly enjoyed every sentence.

I thought you should know that you can tell the difference between seals and sea-lions because seals are tiny and sea-lions are freaking huge. :) I do realize that you knew this already.

Also, I saw a great blue heron at the golf-course the other day. It must be really accustomed to people because I pretty much drove right up to it with a lawn mower. I think I was within about 10 feet of it. He was gorgeous. I also see lots of deer and foxes and muskrats. But fortunately no black squirrels. Have you seen any gigantic banana-slugs yet? It might not be the right time of year, but they get so disgustingly huge! Like, I'm talking over a foot when they're stretched out.

I just finished reading a book that made me think of you, I think I might send it when I send you a cd, which, by the way, is almost complete. We're mastering this week. and I'll send you one in short-order.

I'm glad to hear that you're doing well and I love your pictures. If you want to turn them right side up, you just have to do it in windows picture viewer or any other image editing/veiwing software (such as microsoft paint, if you are living in 1993). Make sure to save a copy first though, because it'll sometimes change the resolution on you.

Enjoy Regent. Enjoy Vancouver. Know that I am insanely jealous.

Love Scott

Anonymous said...

I'm a chick-magnet

Matt Jones said...

Hey, I go to Regent too! I am a second year from Washington. Hope you are enjoying yourself so far!