Monday, October 24, 2005

10 Easy Steps to Anglicanism

Dear loyal readers,

Our apologies for the late post. I am pretending it is still Sunday. Happy Sunday to you all.

Today is perhaps our least adventurous day in the full adventure. It was an adventure in doing next to nothing. But very enjoyable. Christine mostly tried to fix my poor little virus-laden laptop. To no avail. And I mostly sat beside her and watched TV. Like "Be the Creature"! What a good show! And Blue Spoon offered her helpful tips and anecdotes from his cozy laptop position, as you can see.

Pretty much our only adventure was a plunge into the world of Anglicanism. Christine and Blue Spoon decided to accompany me to my new church, St. John's Anglican. After frolicking in the leaves, that is. We arrived at church, and Christine felt that this denomination was meeting some of her deepest needs. She quickly converted. Just a word of warning to any of you on the Emmanuel staff who may be perusing this blog. If you do decide to let her keep working for you, she may bring up ideas about adding a pipe organ to the Emmanuel sanctuary. She has big plans for this pipe organ, including musical lights and fountains. Be wary. That's pretty much our whole Sunday in a nutshell, besides the incredible piece of cheesecake we consumed on the way home. But I wouldn't want to make you jealous.
Thanks be to God.

- Beth

P.S. 10 steps to Anglicanism

10 - Learn to kneel.
9 - Say "Thanks be to God" after reading Scripture.
8 - Say "Hear our Prayer" after "Lord , in your mercy".
7 - Sing a Robin Mark song.
6 - Adopt an English accent.
5 - Play a postlude.
4 - Sit on a hard bench.
3 - Use an accordion in worship.
2 - Bust out the pipe organ.
1 - Have tea. And possibly crumpets.

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