Monday, October 24, 2005

park it like a seabus

Today was a fun day!

The transit website wasn't working last night so our plans to visit Butchart Gardens were foiled until tomorrow. So today we went to Lynn Canyon. It took us quite a while by bus to get there but we got to take the seabus. It's like this wide two-way vehicle that floats across the water to North Vancouver. It was very beautiful. The city today was kind of foggy and everything looked like it was colored in shades of blue.

The sun came out when we got to Lynn Canyon so it was warm enough that Beth took off 3 of her 4 layers. We walked for a long time and got some nice pictures. We took a wrong turn at one point and ended up walking along a treacherous cliff for a while. Blue Spoon really enjoyed the trip too. We ate lunch on the rocks by the 30 ft pool. We saw a guy who looked like Bob Dylan. He looked contemplative and we figured he was maybe thinking about drowning himself in the clear refreshing water, but in the end he just watched us eating lunch whilst balancing on a rock. Somewhere around the time we got off track, we tried to cross the creek on lone rocks. I finally convinced Beth that it wasn't safe. phew.

Btw, sorry about the pictures being sideways, we still haven't figured out how to turn them around. Our last picture is of a sign at the park, detailing the different ways you can die by falling into the water. Ha.

When my hip started to hurt, we took the bus back home. We went by the Daily Planet again but it was gone. Then Beth wrote her blog from yesterday- so make sure to read that one.

Our neatest surprise was when we discovered the Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour! Tonight we went to 23 haunted places in Vancouver- including the cemetery and the old morgue. We watched a simulation of an autopsy and found out that a famous actor from the 30s got dissected there. woot. It was very fun.

So that's all for today. Tomorrow we have to be up really early. Travel time will total 8 hours to Butchart Gardens. See ya!


Smaj said...

You guys seem to be having fun.

Keep the posts coming!
I miss you both.

Evan said...

You can rotate the pics on the camera before they're uplaoded onto the computer. You can also rotate them in MS Paint, but if Beth is using Win98, it might not play well with .jpgs. The camera also likely came with software that would do the trick.

rochelle laura knox said...

i'm commenting here so you read it but my comment is really about becoming anglican. i've been attending an anglican church this year too (but in kingston, not vancouver). it's quite simply amazing. emmanuel is still my #1 in s'toon but i am tres happy here. the weekly eucharist took a while to get used to but now i think it's so powerful. i even got to serve one day. very communal. the music is a bit painful but it's hard to beat emmanuel. but st james is the most hospitable place everywhere and inter-generational. i spend a lot of time chatting with senior citizens or high school kids. i really like the readings. impossible not to be bible-focused and Jesus-centered. the ritual and repetition takes getting used to but it's the order and tradition is also refreshing. there seems to be a big rise in the popularity of mainstream churches. i think the experimentation at the connection highlights some needs in the evangelical church and things we're missing. but i just have one question: what's with the eagle?