Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Berth of the Ferry Princess

Evan left a comment about how to flip pictures but I'm too tired tonight to figure it out. So you have to keep tilting your head, ok?

Today, we ventured out. We ventured to Victoria. We left bright and early at 7:15 AM and took the buses to catch the ferry at Tsawwassen. You may be wondering how to pronounce this word. All I can tell you is that it rhymes with "Tsaww-awesome". We didn't know what to expect of this ferry. Christine was wondering ifshe could buy ginger ale on it. Turns out there was a whole restaurant on it, and a fast food court, and an arcade and stores and stuff. It was intense. We amused ourselves. As you can see, Christine was a little cold outside on the deck.

Our final destination in Victoria was Butchart Gardens. As you can see from the photos, it was be-autiful. Christine had been there before with her friend Navy Dan (shout out to Dan in Halifax!), so she knew what to expect. She kept making me close my eyes before cool parts, like this fountain, and it took my breath away. Amazing stuff for the biology student, let me tell you.

We were done early, so we went to the Butterfly Gardens. They were also really really cool. There were tons of rare butterflies, and exotic plants, and sweet birds. Check out the pictures of me with the orchids and Christine with the red rasta hair (actually, it's a chenille plant).

The most exciting part of the trip was when we tried to catch the bus back to the ferry, and realized that it didn't stop near the butterfly gardens. I had carefully plotted out all stops and times and transfers, but the butterfly gardens threw a wrench in everything. The closest stop was a forty-minute walk away. Unfortunately, we had to arrive in ten minutes if we wanted to catch our bus, otherwise we'd miss the ferry and wait another two hours for the next one. Christine was despairing. Suddenly, I had a drastic loss of inhibitions, and I asked some complete strangers if they would drive us to the bus stop. I figured that if they were exiting butterfly gardens, they weren't overly dangerous. So we rode in the bed of their pick-up truck and caught the bus! Hooray!

The trip home was a little long. We were tired and hungry and a little crazy. Christine kept hearing her least favorite Nickelback songs. So we began singing Raffi songs. I think we scared people around us. We also felt that we were a visible minority, since most of the people around us were Asian. Most of them were wearing pointy-toed stiletto boots. As you can see, Blue Spoon kept his spirits up.

Now we are home, and we're going to watch "Bewitched". Tsaww-awesome.

- Beth

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caricature said...

you are funny girls. i laugh, i weep, i shake my head... hehe. i'm glad you're having a good time! (and taking good care of blue spoon).