Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kavna is a Dodgy Bloke


I am Christine and I am feeling much better today. I think my sickness was due to either bad sushi or anxiety. Though it threatens to return as the smell of curry fills the house, I am doing quite well.

Beth and I ventured out to the Aquarium today. It is located in Stanley Park which is a large and pretty area right by downtown. Beth is like a little kid when it comes to marine life; I was a bit more mature but the fish were sooo cool! God is the neatest person. One fish looked like it had a nose and another one looked kinda dorky and was just motoring through the tank. I've never seen that much creativity contained in one place. We saw belugas! The female named Kavna was really big and she looked mischievious. They're quite lumpy if I may say so. We also saw a sea lion that weighed 1000 kg and ate 25 kg of food a day but he was cool. ("I will grant you wishes three if you would just save me....a fish") As you can see, the jellyfish were fantastically translucent and glowing. That is Beth beside an enormous fish. I decided that if the fish were a person, it would be undesirably pear shaped. This is my favorite part of the day. On the way back to the bus we stopped to pick up some neat looking leaves and we were visited by a squirrel. This squirrel was very tame and it approached Beth's leg and hung on for dear life despite several attempts at shaking it free. I finally yelled and it left.

Vancouver is a neat place to be at Halloween. Museums and things have money to plan special events and decorate. Today I discovered a ghost train tour of Stanley Park but we don't have time to go. I'd like to be here more.

Anyways, we've now ended our impromptu dance lessons and it's Dutch Blitz time! 1 day and counting...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, won't you please, please SAVE me--a fish?