Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The threshold

Hello readers far and wide,

Today's post is short and sweet. Chris and I had a quieter, more laid-back day after yesterday's Victoria adventure. I woke up early, and she woke up late. We went to Regent to play some piano in the Chapel together, to talk to Dave R, and to do some bookstore shopping. After some good sushi, we headed out to watch a new movie, "Elizabethtown", which was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Made me want to take a road trip. Tonight we've just been relaxing, playing cards, reading, and eating. These are a few of my favorite things.

We realized today that there is a vacation threshold. For three or four days, you can escape from your life without many worries about what you've left behind. But after that, you start thinking about real life. Being away from it can make it worse, because you finally have a chance to look at your life from afar, with some perspective, in a way that isn't possible when you're actually in the middle of it. I think Chris and I were both unsettled by this depth of thought today. We felt a bit lost in all of our thoughts. I, for one, am glad she was here when I was experiencing this lost-ness. I think it made her physically sick though. She's been feeling kind of weird all night, so please pray for her health. I want her to be able to enjoy her last few days here. And frankly, I want to enjoy her. :)

Tomorrow's plans hinge on health. I'd love to see the aquarium and the planetarium...but we'll play it by ear.

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