Saturday, October 22, 2005

Blue Spoon Goes To Smallville

As day two in Vancouver comes to an end, we'd like to introduce you to Blue Spoon. We discovered him in a frozen yogurt shop in the big circular library and because Beth fell in love with him, I said he could come with us on our adventures.

The day began slowly, as Beth's roommates kept us up watching Freddy vs Jason. We just can't seem to escape that movie. Our adventures took us downtown on a walking tour. Thank you Daniel for the Vancouver guide book that made this all possible. After meeting Blue Spoon, we visited some nice waterfalls; here he is in a sculpture. Then we took him to the art gallery. Blue Spoon and I enjoyed being together. He especially liked swimming in the fountain.

On the way to the ocean, we accidentally walked through the filming of an episode of Smallville. Of course, I'm no stranger to the Daily Planet. We watched some extras wearing suits walk back and forth for a while. Superman didn't show up so we left.

Blue Spoon's favorite was when we got to go to the moon. We have posted an eerie picture of him at the Imax. Beth and I were there too- and we got to wear stylish glasses. It was a very fun afternoon. They were pile driving for the new convention centre they're building for the 2010 Olympics.

We spent some time at Jacob's Well too, where Beth will be volunteering this year. It was a good experience to see how some people live.

Well, tonight we're watching 'What the Bleep do We Know?' and Blue Spoon is joining us. He's concerned about the possibility of foul language.

We miss you and love you all very much.

P.S. I forgot to thank Mrs. Kulyk yesterday for the chokecherry jelly. I had some this morning on my toast and it was delicious!


Anonymous said...

Gaahhh! You've gotta be kidding me! That's so amazing! And not to totally geek out on you, but they're using the same Daily Planet fascade on both Smallville and the new Superman movie. , which makes me say once more, "Gaahhh!". Good to see you both having such great adventures, and I must say Lois looks great in those shirts. See you when you get home. Up, up, and away.

Anonymous said...

talented Blue Spoon.
great Vancouver tour.

Anonymous said...

OK, who is posing as Clark Kent? Everyone knows that I am Clark Kent, or they used to know. Of course you ladies didn't see Superman, he was off saving women and small children.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you son for sticking up for yourself. And for anyone out there that doesn't believe you're the real clark kent, just send them to me. Daddy's watching out for you!

clark kent's daddy (aka. Daniel)